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  • The Forbidden Fruit weed strain actually comes from the story of Eve reaching out for the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden. This strain of cannabis is an interesting one and not to mention extremely potent. Forbidden Fruit strain is a dankenstein, meaning it is a blend between two or more very potent strains resulting in this very potent strain.
  • The Forbidden Fruit strain has it all: potency, taste, and balance. This is what most recreational users are looking for in the market. The effects are intoxicating, putting the body into a deep, trance-like state while the mind is at ease.
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Buy Forbidden Fruit Strain.  Forbidden Mint is an incredibly potent marijuana strain for those with a stomach for extreme potency. Combining Forbidden Fruit and Thin Mint Cookies genetics, this hybrid defines evenly balanced effects. Its dense buds come mattered with purple hues, and its terpene profile promises the dessert-like flavor of its Cherry Pie ancestry. Tasty, potent, and suitable for anytime use, Forbidden Fruit is a must-try. Forbidden fruit strain  for sale in usa

Independent laboratories test THC levels as high percent. Effects are particularly psychoactive, not advisable for first-time enthusiasts. You will feel an immediate surge of energy to the cerebral cortex, leaving you focused, motivated, creative, and highly productive. However, its Indica genes kick in eventually, which will make you ravenously hungry, immovably relaxed, calm, and very sleepy.

Forbidden Weed Strain

Because of its diverse genetics, Forbidden Mint contains an abundance of medical properties. It reduces pain, swelling, and inflammation, both internally and when applied topically. Patients also use it to relieve severe pain, headaches, appetite loss, insomnia, nausea, fatigue, and much more. It is antiemetic, anticancer, anticonvulsant, antidepressant, anxiolytic, and anti- near everything between.

Forbidden Fruit benefits all who try it, even novices, who should proceed with caution, and not only medical patients. It attracts recreational users in droves too, mostly for its potency and anytime effect. order forbidden fruit strain


If you like the taste of Forbidden Fruit, you’ll love the high even more. It starts with an uplifted euphoric effect that boosts your mood and leaves you feeling happy and content. As this head high continues, your body will fall victim to a powerful stone that leaves you helplessly couch-locked with a moderate buzzing feeling that eases away any aches or pains and often causes you to fall asleep. Because of these effects and its powerful 23-26% THC level make Forbidden Fruit ideal for experienced users suffering from chronic pain, insomnia, chronic stress, and migraines. Weed for sale in usa, Cannabis for sale, marijuana dispensary online

The best sweet treats soothe your soul and take your mind off stress, and Forbidden Fruit weed is no different. The strain is highly acclaimed for a strong, and sedating high that uplifts moods, and relaxes the body and mind. Medically, consumers turn to the strain to relieve stress, pain, and anxiety. Not to mention, the hybrid is also ideal for those with a high tolerance due to its high levels of THC. Kick back, and relax and get ready for couch-locking effects that are highly likely with this variety.

Purple buds, and a pungent bakery-like aroma, what’s not to love? There’s nothing taboo about the pleasures of Forbidden Fruit’s captivating appearance, and overwhelmingly sweet scents. As the strain flourishes, growers are treated to an eye-catching sight of gorgeous dark green nugs, with hints of purple and bright orange hairs. The dreamy buds taste just as good, with robust aromas of sweet and citrus fruits, that have a hint of refreshing pine.
This is one ‘fruit’ you’ll want to have in season, year-round. The Forbidden Fruit strain wins when it comes to potency, appearance, flavors, and aromas for pleasurable pulls. You can’t go wrong with a cross of two classic fruity strains and this variety proves that time, and time again. For major bag appeal, a heavy body buzz and flavors that slay – Forbidden Fruit is a must-try.cbd oil for stress
A knock-out in potent effects, flavors, and growth, Forbidden Fruit is quickly rising in popularity amongst home and commercial growers.
The plant’s reach just medium heights of 100 cm – 180 cm (3-6 ft) making it ideal for indoor or outdoor environments.
With a classic indica shape, the strain easily produces yields of 400-500gr/m² and is a stand-out with its appearance and unique palette of colors.
While the variety is somewhat difficult to manage, it can benefit from Mediterranean or warm climates and should be timed for October outdoor harvests. As good as she looks and smells, you’ll be ready to harvest this stunning strain in just 8-10 weeks in ideal conditions.
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