The Strongest Indica Strains On Earth Right Now

What’s your favorite indica? These top ten strains are loaded with THC, so expect plenty of euphoria and some quality nap time with these pungent buds.

trongest Indica Strains

Are you an Indica fan? Then go check out our latest selection of the Best Indica Strains.

Kush fans are in for a real treat with this list. Indica strains are naturally high resin producers, meaning that you can count on plenty of crystal-coated buds from these strains. Sedative, dreamy, and calming, these psychoactive flowers can ease away stress while delivering some seriously euphoric highs.

Medical consumers may appreciate the potent and narcotic-like pain relief provided by these intoxicating herbs. These strains are perfect to make weed oils, so don’t lose the opportunity to learn how to make cannabis oil with them. Without further ado, here are the 10 strongest Indica strains on earth right now.

Looking for a really potent indica? Then this Bubba Kush Delta 8 THC flower from Botany Farms is a must-try. This D8 flower comes in at 26% total cannabinoids, featuring Delta 8 THC, Delta 9 THC, CBD, CBG, and more. The result is a powerful but well-balanced high.

Experience the entourage effect and a truly potent flower with this product from Botany Farms.

Delta 8 THC Bubba Kush Flower

Botany Farms

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Strongest Sun-Grown Indica Strains

Flow Kana’s Farmer’s Reserve Flower

Farmer’s Reserve

Flow Kana

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Most of the THC-packed indica strains found on this list come from indoor grow rooms where they receive unnatural levels of artificial light, leading to them developing those high THC levels. 

However, Flow Kana is able to deliver equally potent sun-grown weed that exceeds the quality and flavor of those indoor strains. Grown in the famous Emerald Triangle, their Farmer’s Reserve collection is truly the best way to experience sun-grown cannabis. 

Their line of premium indica strains is cultivated in small batches and includes Grease Bucket, Wino, and Zaza with THC content reaching +30%. Since they are sun-grown, these strains have a robust and deep terpene profile and are full of flavonoids and minor cannabinoids. When consumed, they deliver a balanced and pleasantly potent high.

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Strawberry Banana

strongests indica strains Strawberry Banana
Photo Credit

Strawberry Banana is a potent indica-dominant hybrid from DNA Genetics. This drowsy herb produces more of a euphoric feeling than other strains on this list thanks to split indica/sativa lineage. A cross between Banana Kush and Bubble Gum, Strawberry Banana is an award-winning strain loaded with THC.

On average, this fruity bud produces between 22 and 26% of the psychoactive. Unlike other strains on this list, Strawberry Banana is not completely sedative. This powerful bud can encourage a deep relaxation and jolly mental high. Some can get away with consuming Strawberry Banana during the day, however, it is generally considered an evening strain.

Here’s our favorite Strawberry Banana vape out there:


Strawberry Banana Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge

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Critical Kush

strongest indica strains critical Kush
Photo Credit

Critical Kush is a Barney’s Farm creation. A cross between Critical Mass and OG Kush, this woody flower boasts THC levels between 20 and 25%. This deeply tranquilizing strain may be soothing for those with anxiety or under chronic stress. Fast-growing and high-yielding, Critical Kush is an excellent cash strain.

As a Critical Mass offspring, Critical Kush features large, resin-dense buds that release an intoxicating lemon-pine scent. Popular among patients with chronic pain, Critical Kush is a therapeutic strain that provides full-bodied nighttime relief.



Critical Kush

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God’s Gift

strongest indica strains God’s Gift
Photo Credit

No matter your religious beliefs, God’s Gift seems like a flower from a higher power. This sedative indica can feature as much as 22% THC. Though this strain has been around since the 1990s, it remains an impressive specimen. Fast-acting, the happy and upbeat effects of this strain often come on first. Many enjoy the happy, bubbly mental side of this strain.

However, don’t let the upbeat nature of this herb fool you. God’s Gift can pack some serious sedation. The area behind the eyes is likely to grow heavy, and many find that this strain leaves them stuck on the couch. Get some snacks ready and prepare yourself for a strong, yet genuinely good-spirited experience with this one.


God’s Gift Vape Cartridge

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strongest indica strains Sunset Sherbet
Photo Credit

Sherbet, an indica-dominant hybrid, is heir to the Girl Scout Cookies throne. Funky and pungent, this strain boasts THC levels of up to 20%. While this strain may not be the most potent in terms of THC, the overall experience is quite incredible.

Thanks to its hybrid heritage, Sherbet is more uplifting than many strains on this list. Many find that the effects often start off in the head, providing a joyous and upbeat high. However, this strain soon mellows out into an easy, full-bodied indica experience.

This strain is only gaining popularity as a go-to indica hybrid. It is much beloved by those with mood disorders and chronic pain. Sherbet is a very enjoyable, top-notch bud all around.

Want some top-quality Sherbet bud? Then try this product from Flow Kana:


Lemon Sherbet

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Papaya Punch

A potent Indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain that comes from a cross between Papaya and the classic Purple Punch strain. With a high THC content that oscillates somewhere around the 20% mark, Papaya Punch is characterized for providing a calming, yet not entirely sedative high, that helps you wind down after an action-packed day.

Papaya Punch is a great strain for people with active lives that need some help with sore muscles and physical pain caused by the strain of heavy-duty activity. A feature that is further enhanced by a 1% CBG content.

Papaya Punch smells of fruit and cheese but tastes mostly sweet and herbal. A calming strain that leaves you in a social yet chill mood.

Glass House Farms offers a great version of this strain in a 3.5 g jar.


Papaya Punch Live Resin

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Lava Cake

Surprise, surprise, another Indica-dominant hybrid. This time made from an almost perfect cross between Thin Ming GSC and Grape Pie strains. Lava Cake has a close to 20% THC content and a low, but still, present CBG content that plays an important role in the effects that this strain can deliver.

Although Lava Cake is not particularly sedating, it can become a bit overwhelming if not handled with care. We suggest using this strain on days off and when you can actually set a whole day apart for yourself.

Lava Cake gets its name from the sweet flavor profile that characterizes the strain and the sweet herbal smells that come from lighting a joint rolled with it. Lava Cake has also been documented to have great benefits on pain relief, stress, and anxiety.

The Cure Company makes a particularly stand-out Lava Cake product that comes with 21% THC and is completely grown indoors.

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