Chocolates from the universe


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Chocolate from the universe

Chocolate from the universe is an out-of-this-world Oregon-based chocolate brand. Chocolates from the Universe are psychedelic chocolates packed with other proven mental health-enhancing ingredients. Skitch was asked to help craft the branding/identity and packaging for this new brand, which is still in its infancy stage but is penetrating the market of Chocolates from the universe.

Chocolates from the universe packaging process

A critical aspect of bringing the product to life is the packaging. The final touchpoint for this type of product. We wanted to create a packaging design that made customers ‘feel’ the experience of the product and to such a level of quantity that they wouldn’t want to throw it away. This involved textured paper, galactic-themed background graphics, and a gold foil effect on the communicative elements of the package like the logo and constellation. The packaging elements we had to design chocolate from the universe included the imagery, logos, text, colors, and shapes.

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