Franken berry

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Buy Cereal Carts Online.Frankenberry strain is an Associate in Nursing Indica dominant hybrid,This strain has a Varicolored vape, starting from Celery I experienced to ruby spots,Frankenberry contains a terribly tasteful sweet Strawberry aroma ,a delight for the senses.Buy Cereal Carts Frankenberry strain is ideal for daytime and evening use helps to unwind from days work and let your mind and body relax

 Cereal Carts Franken berry

Frankenberry strain induces happy, happy cerebral high followed by restful body buzz and couch lock.Uplifts mood ,energizes the mind,prompts giggles and cattiness.Alleviates depression relievers stress,relaxes the body.


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2 reviews for Franken berry

  1. Christian moore

    Great vape, using “herbs” has been hard work.

  2. Murphy Burke

    Excellent service. Very happy experience! Wil definitely use again. The little gift included was a nice touch too 😘

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