Supreme carts
supreme carts, THC cartridges in the USA of the good strength. All the variety of supreme THC cartridge we have, are reliable and bring you the desired effective without a doubt. We always try to satisfy your needs through the extremely useful products no matter what you need them for.

Get the highest tolerance stoned with these cartridges and enjoy having a wonderful experience. We believe you always deserve the best products and that’s why we try our best to bring you the best quality products. Shop online and enjoy the best results you may expect.
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supreme g carts
Before you buy supreme carts you have to know that this vape cartridge has amazing strength, its comparable to Stiiizy, Brass knuckles, and PURE vape. Although it is labelled 95% THC, it did not feel like it was that much stronger than other cartridges tested at lower percentages of THC. To those who are after strength will be satisfied with the Supreme cartridge. It will get even the person with the highest tolerance stoned.
Available Strains:(Full Grams)

Gelato (Hybrid-THC 89.1%)

GSC (Indica-THC 93.23%)
GG4 (Hybrid-THC 87.1%)
King Louis VIII (Indica-THC 91.4%)
Marshmellow Madness (Sativa-THC 92.13%)

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