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Mario Carts offers highly competitive pricing, but does that mean value?
We were able to get our hands on the Mario Carts cartridges for $40. That’s for a 1 gram unit. There are reports out there of people finding them for less. Anything less than $40 on these cartridges and you are getting a great deal.

Without a concern about overpricing, the issue comes down to this. Does a lower price product mean it has high value even without test results? What about the fact that there is no company to contact in the case of any problems? It’s not likely you’ll find anyone to hold responsible if the concentrates do contain pesticides.mario cart

Mario carts

There is also no guarantee you are vaping what the label says or the THC levels. Because of all this, it is very difficult to speak to the true value of thc cartridges. We simply don’t have enough details to judge without testing several different batches at our own expense. It would definitely be interesting to see the results of any independent testing.mario cart 64

Mario carts thc

Last words on the  vape cartridges
We didn’t find many cons in our testing of the cartridge or the two different kinds of concentrate. The price, product, and overall experience reach well above mediocre marks. The problem is that we really can’t trust it without lab results. Who really knows what you are putting in your body?

Mario carts vape

From our experience, we have to say we like the Mario Carts cartridge. Still, our final analysis must recommend against them. Without the guarantee of a legitimate company, customers will never have a chance at restitution if they do get sick from pesticides. It’s also too easy to fake the product if a company isn’t legit. They really don’t have the means to fight any fraud. With so many lab-tested products on the market today, it’s worth the extra few dollars to stay safe.

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