One up mushroom bar is the new and most safest way of tripping. Many says it’s the new generation way of eating mushrooms and having a good. 1 up mushroom bar is a mixture of ground magic mushrooms and hot chocolate. They are very tasty and have no gritty taste. Countries like USA, UK, Australia provides a very big market for this 1up mushroom bars.

1UP Mushroom Bars Packaging

1UP Mushroom has a very unique packaging. The chocolate mushrooms is packaged inside an aluminium foil paper of different colors. In addition, the one up logo is written on the center of the package with the different flavors boldly written on the bottom of the package.

1-up bars dosage

Although one up mushroom bar is believed to be one of the safest ways to trip, consumers should not abuse it. This chocolate mushrooms have an average dosage of 3.5g. Generally, each of this wavy bar has 12 squares that gives it an average weight of 3.5g. In addition, each square weighs 290mg. It is advisable that not more than 2 squares should be consumed by beginners. However, for old timers they can consume up to 4 squares and more depending on their ability to resist.

One up mushroom chocolate bar Australia

Australia is known to provide a very large market for this 1up chocolate bars. The only problem is that there are no or very few shops selling this psychedelic chocolate bars in Australia. Nevertheless, is making sure that these customers from all over the globe now has access to these products. They are one of the top suppliers of top quality psychedelic products Worldwide.

1 up bars legal

These chocolate bars are legal in all Countries since chocolate is the most dominant ingredients. One up mushroom is tripping made easy.

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